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Masako Awaji

Masako Awaji is a prizewinning keyboardist that enjoys an international performing career. Originally from Japan, she is currently based in the Netherlands. She received her bachelor’s (2017) and master’s (2020) degrees from the Royal Conservatoire The Hague where she studied the harpsichord with Jacques Ogg, Kris Verhelst, Siebe Henstra, and Pieter-Jan Belder, basso continuo and historical improvisation with Patrick Ayrton, and the fortepiano with Bart van Oort and Petra Somlai. Currently, she studies the harpsichord and fortepiano with Richard Egarr as a contract student. In March 2017, she participated in the Gianni Gambi International Harpsichord Competition in Italy where she won third prize. She participated in the First International Basso Continuo and Partimento Realization Competition in Poland where she won the special concert prize in January 2019. In May 2019, she won the first prize at La Stravaganza First International Harpsichord Competition in Romania. She was chosen as a member of the Young Bach Fellowship program of the Netherlands Bach Society in March 2019, with whom she has been participating in concert projects since 2020.

As a big fan of Elton John, and since he also loves the music of Bach, Mozart, and Chopin, she wears a special Rocket Man jacket on stage when she performs works by those composers.










​2021年All of Bach プロジェクトにてロケットマンジャケットを着て録音に臨んだ。



Bach Vereniging Fellows - 2019-09-09 16.06.34 - DSC06532 -   Milagro Elstak.jpg
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